Clarifications for the Procurement



Publication Reference EuropeAid/131880/D/SUP/RS
The Municipality of Kanjiza, until December 27th 12 p.m. C.E.T. received the following questions to its international open tender procedure “Supplies for a modern mobile stage for the EU-funded Ipa CBC RO-SRB project Increasing the Tourism Capacities of the Banat Region, Kanjiza, Serbia” published November 16th 2011. with the deadline for application January 17th 2012 12 p.m. C.E.T..


Is the tender dossier, downloadable through the noted web site considered an original and one that should be filled out and submitted?
Yes, everything necessary for the application is in the downloadable .zip file on this website, the web presentation of the Municipality of Kanjiza,

Is the language of the tender only English?
The language of the entire procedure is English. Under point 9 in the Instructions to Tenderers the language criteria and necessities are well defined.

Must each attached document be translated into English and attached to the original in Serbian?
Each additional document requested under point 11 part 3: Documentation, in the Instructions to Tenderers ought to have its English equivalent. The translation does not have to be translated by a certified translator, but a translation into English is obligatory.

Question about item 5
Is an optional monitor required for the lighting console?

Yes, an additional monitor is required for the lighting console.

Question about item 8
with reference to the last line: Power cable for connection on the dimmer fixtures.
What are the devices connected to the dimmers and how are they wired/cabled? 

In this case, the dimmer outputs specifically require a CEE3x16A socket, regarding this fact and dimension of the stage, the supplier must offer its own solution considering the length of the power cables for the connection all the dimmer fixtures specified in the technical specifications of the tender dossier .

Could you please specify the type of cable, plugs and sockets and quantity and length of cables?
Please see the answer above.

Would it be advisable to have a wiring diagram for lights and distances?
Please see the answer above.

With reference to the last line: Supplying Power box for moving heads.
Could it be acceptable to provide a box with 8 CEE sockets and a thermomagnetic protection of 10A per channel? 

Yes, it would answer the requirements.
Question about item 13
last specification required: cabinet with integrated ... ..
For which item is this a requirement? Is it for item 14 or for item 13, could you please confirm/specify ?

The rigging systems is a necessity for item 13.

Is a ROAD CASE required? 
No, it is not.

Question about item 14
Could you please specify what kind of rigging system is required ,hanging or a floor-standing version?

A floor-standing version is required.

Is a ROAD CASE required? 
No, it is not.

Question about item 23
Please consider that it can be available with external winder stageboxes, to be connected with a multi-core.
Must the whip for the mixer be detachable?

No, it is not a necessity for the whip of the mixer to be detachable.

Question about item 24
Please specify the length and quantity of the cables for the connections of the main P.A., the monitors and microphones.

The supplier must offer its own solution for the length of the audio cables used for the connection of all audio equipment specified in the tender dossier .

Question about item 25
With regard to the requirement ROAD CASE,
Must a fly case be included for all audio components, cables and lights?

Road cases are obligatory for the power distribution, power cables, signal cables and microphones.

The input power to the panel is 380V three-phase or 220V three-phase?
The input power to the panels is 380V three phases.

How many amps should the panel have? 
The supplier must provide its own solution regarding all of the audio and lighting equipment.

How many panels should be supplied, both light and audio?
The supplier must provide its own solution regarding all of the audio and lighting equipment.

What degree of IP protection should have as a minimum requirement? 
The minimum degree of the IP protection is: IP44.

The electrical panel is used only within the European Community? 
Yes, it is. It shall be used in Serbia, in the Municipality of Kanjiza.

Is the conformity with the IEC 60439-1 CEI 17-13/1 standard acceptable?
Yes, it is.

Should some auxiliary power box be included in the offer to distribute power on stage? 
Yes, it should.

Could you please provide the connection diagram of the sound and lighting equipment on stage.
It depends on the supplier's decision what it shall provide regarding all of the audio and lighting equipment as long as it satisfies the criteria laid down in the Techical Specifications.